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**The Ultimate Marriage Course Group Edition uniquely includes downloadable videos, a complete printable workbook, printable declarations, leader's guide, as well as promotional material.

This is a marriage course like none-other!

We begin with the Father’s original culture, and from His starting point, we drop a plumb line to help you build the ultimate marriage. When God created Adam and Woman and presented them to each other, He had such a beautiful picture in His mind for marriage!

Is what we call a 'good' marriage, what He called 'good' in the beginning?

Our culture has been redefining marriage in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, and it is time to redirect our focus back to HIS original plan. Whether a teen, single, engaged, or married for 30 years, the Lord has more for each of us to understand and partake in with Him and each other!

Have a good marriage? Then it is time to match up your good with His! Think about Eden... How much more do you think Adam and Eve experienced that we don't even realize is ours to possess?

Struggling in your marriage? It is time for His perspective to become THE perspective in your home! The truth truly does set us free!

Single, engaged, or divorced? This is the very best time to learn about all that the Lord has planned for your future marriage. Much of what you will learn you will be able to apply today!

Have a teenager? Our children are bombarded with lots and lots of false information about marriage and sex from all sorts of voices. This course will provide a time for them to hear the Father's heart around such powerful and life-changing topics! 

This course is a call for hope, greatness, and destiny to every marriage. It is also intended to cast vision for every single person who would someday like to be married. We will help you find your true identity as a loved child of the Father and your true identity in marriage. The focus will not be on all the things you should or shouldn’t do in marriage, but rather an unveiling of the true heart of the Father for marriage.

It’s time to learn what heaven’s idea about marriage truly is – because it’s way bigger than you think!

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